good things come to those who wait

I just wish that I was more of a waiter. And less of an impatient git.

I’m not entirely sure why these posts* have taken so long, because I was balls out crazy town mad frick and frack pleased as punch with the process and I really feel like sharing it with you. But somehow I’ve been so freaking busy since Woodford that there hasn’t been time to appreciate the finer things in life. But now, in Sunny Vegas, it’s pouring like the cats and dogs. So there’s no riding for me. And nothing is sweeter if not actually able to ride, than to be able to write about riding.*

So, just for this raining evening let’s do the maths.

What does this

plus this

divided by this

multipled by this


*these posts that are in my head, which you almost certainly don’t know about
**arguably, there are a number of things, but this is what I got right now.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.


  1. The first pic looks like a beige fried egg. Although the yolk/white ratio is a bit wonky.

    The second pic is less of a fried egg and more of an alternate universe contained within a paint bubble.

    So a fried egg plus an alternate universe divided by root beer times a smoothie. I’m not so good at algebra. I think the answer is X.

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