Everything is fleeting – recognise

I don’t often send you to the 4ZZZ At the Local program page to listen to shows after the fact. For goodness’ sake, I’m grateful if you go to the program page in order to remember that the show is on before it happens. And, more importantly, for a show that focuses on upcoming events, community organisations, local arts/activities and ways to get involved in your community at large, much of our show is less relevant after the date. That’s ok by us, we’re grateful to share the stories of amazing organisations and individuals and to have the honour of your ears at the time, if you indeed have that time.

But if you have an hour free to go back to the past, you will not only learn about a great radio initiative between 4ZZZ and 4EB that seeks to encourage new voices in broadcasting (Radio in Colour), you’ll meet Jason from MOsely WOtta, and Jesse from Rise Up International, who returned recently from Nauru where they were running arts workshops with local, refugee and asylum seeker members of the community, and you’ll be able to hear me in one of my happiest places.

Which is beside Domenico Natoli, whether squeezing over a mic for a phone interview or staring at each other over the desk or acting like an old married couple who will “sort this out on the ride home”.

From Domenico I have learned the kindness, indefatigable energy, warmth, multi-tasking, communications skills, heart shaped hands, cat gifs, #meanhighlights and dedication required to host a weekly community radio show.

Because we can never stand in the same river twice, or perhaps even once, I direct you to this link, so that you might hear me feeling all the feels: 4ZZZ is an incredible volunteer run organisation – give them your spare cash if you can, or if you already did, then come along to the AGM – At the Local is a gorgeous show, listen in to the last two shows with me, but then stay on the wire after that, or send a suggestion about who you’d like to hear on the air – and then I hope it’s ok if I have shared here publicly these strange, short thoughts about one of the finest people in my life right now.

Thanks Domenico, silly me says: I gotta get me some of your business.

tumblr_njy5ihohLL1re3kvuo1_400Serious me says: there aren’t enough cat gifs in the world for my esteem for you. Your politics, your bravery, your work ethnic, your stylin’, your paneling, your laughter, your humanity. All of them make #myworldbetter. I am grateful and humbled to have shared this time with you on At the Local. What am I thinking?

You may then also decide if this song is creepy or cool. I’m currently in creepy. I can’t decide if it’s the Lolita-efforts, the weird Benetton-colonial feeling to the video, or just the 90s saxophone feel. Undoubtedly, this song will become the most popular thing ever this summer and I will once again have proved my inability to know what’s hot and what’s not.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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