A preview will sell you art that hasn’t yet existed.

A review will tell you about art that already went on.

A meview will tell you about art that I cannot quite describe, but still I want you to go and see. This is a meview of Cimarròn.

Now, I appreciate that being entertained is a lovely activity, that there is good art to be made and had that will make you laugh and pass the time between eating and sleeping and shopping and working and all the other things that make a day move. Sometimes I even make this art.

Other times, I see works like Cimarròn, and then I feel completely centred to the temporal experience of being where I am at that particular moment, seeing what I am seeing, thinking only the clearest of thoughts. My day – the eating the sleeping and shopping and working of it – all of it cedes to this moment of experiencing this art.

Art like this, does not necessarily need to deal with the epic, the grandiose, or the holy, sometimes instead, like Cimarròn, it just sits in the darkest, seediest crevices of ourselves, our subtle and unconscious gestures, our most rabid and abundant stupidities, our most insidious and capricious ways – and then it trusts you to make of it what you will.

Art like this feels like the perfect fuck or the tipping point of intoxication. A moment when nothing else matters.

Cimmarròn, named after those animals that cannot be tamed, co-presented by Sally Lewry and Metro Arts – Wednesday to Saturday from now until 22 March.

Domenico and I had the pleasure of talking with Sally last Saturday on At the Local – listen in here for more lucid sentences.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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