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A Tonic

Last week, I shared a gentle meditation/short on silence to hopefully entice you to attend The Star Folder, as a part of the Queensland Poetry Festival.

This installation, and live performance, is a collaboration between myself and Tom Hogan, musician and sometimes/someotherhows poet, Scott Sandwich.

For those with patient minds, I would encourage you to dip into this essay on “Music as Melodic Therapy” from Fluid Radio, if only for the lovely of its opening paragraph:

It all starts with the beating of a mother’s heart. In the earliest hours of a new dawn, a chroma of rising colour in the sky signals an arriving day. Our mother’s suppressed, soothing voice also rises on the air of our own entering dawn, heard during our earliest days in the womb. Our loving relationship with music starts at the youngest age, even ahead of our arrival; murmurs of vague melody and the harmonies of everyday conversation sink into our fragile ears, as we unconsciously absorb the music of the world before we have even entered into it. The fluctuating heartbeats of our mothers that echo alongside our own inner beats are among the very first rhythms we hear. The first, faint indications of music are among us before our awakening, before the birdsong of the dawn and before the first blush of our origins.

What Tom and I have created is something not quite chroma or darkened night, but there is something of the return and the rebirth, and definitely something of the beating heart.

We’d be honoured if you’d join us on August 24 at 8.00pm at the Judith Wright Centre.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.


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