I remember everything you said

Wasn’t it just yesterday you said “you didn’t speak commitment”?


Well, get committed. Because it’s International Lesbian Day coming up, the history of which I knew nothing about until I just hit the internet up for its wisdom. And nothing says you’re committed to respecting, understanding and connecting with your identity and community than going to a big ole community day of goodness.

Whatever the wisdom of your elders says is good or bad or ugly, Betsy Turcot and I say that it would be ultra-great if you felt you wanted to support an amazing organisation, namely the Lesbian Health Action Group.  Because we are into making new traditions, of deciding where you want to place your body and your time, and being kind to those who support you in your endeavours. And International Lesbian Day will be all about the action grouping.

For those with very limited time, Betsy and I will be on the stage between 2.00 – 2.15pm, with a bit of cherished chat about Chosen Family, a reworked and up-beaten version of an extract of She Stole My Every Rock and Roll.

However, you’ll be missing out on the amazing, which runs a little like this:

Supported By

With the lovely Davina from 4ZZZ DYKES ON MYKES – $10/$7 concession (80% of the door proceeds to Lesbian Health Action Group)

I do not believe you need to be a lesbian to attend the day, but being queer friendly would most certainly be a pre-requisite. If you are a cis-male and wanted to accompany me, then I would certainly be your date. I’m not straight, but I can learn.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.


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