don’t think – feel, do

Are you guilty, as I often am, of being paralysed by thought?

Like, when someone asks you to support something like the 4ZZZ Radiothon?

Do you spend hours turning the thought over in your head? Is it right to support 4ZZZ or insert other community media outlet that is in my region? Should I save my money and give it to something else, like something else that is more worthy or more guilt inducing or more glamorous? Maybe I should buy a pair of shoes? Like shoes that support shoeless children somewhere else? I hear that there are astonishing rates of shoeless children and I too could do my part to shoe them?

Well, stop thinking.

And, because I really don’t have time for this (weighing up the relative pros and cons of supporting community media versus, say, any of the other very important things in the world), because it is very early and my neighbour is doing that weird thing where I believe he is doing star jumps at 6.30am (like, who the fuck still does star jumps?) and not only is my whole bed shaking but I can hear the jump, the thump and the pant, which not only annoys me because it wakes me up, but freaks me out when I consider just what the means he can hear coming from my side of the paper thin walls, so I am just going to ask you to feel and do.

Please feel like you may know me, remotely or otherwise, and that it would mean a lot if you would support the station that I have been volunteering at for a little while.

Domenico Natoli and I do At the Local, which has had a cast of presumably thousands in the past but is now hosted by Dom and I and our particular brand of light hearted, caffeine fueled silly. Being a part of the show makes me feel grateful and happy, like I have a wonderful friend, and like I live in a city that is small enough that one needs to mind one’s manners and one’s mouth and large enough for there to be an interesting community festival, a good gallery opening, a design talk, a handball competition and a Filipino Fiesta all in the one weekend.

Then do. Do call the station (07) 3252 1555 , as I’ll be on the phones this morning from 9-11am. Or do the online thing and save everyone the paperwork (although it’s not as fun as calling me). This is what it costs.

$15 – Under 18s, International and Pet Subscription
$33 – Concession or Interstate Subscription
$55 – Full Subscription
$80 – Community Group, Solo Musician and Artworkers Subscription
$130 – Passionate or Business Subscription
$155 – Band Subscription

There are many many many goddamn prizes and if you win one, I will naturally want to share it.

If you do it today, and you subscribe to At the Local tomorrow, then I’ll even say something special about you on air, about how wonderful you are*.

*you know it

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By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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