heart of darkness

I have never read Heart of Darkness, though I have been moving it from house to house to country to country for a time now. It’s a bit like Patrick White’s, Voss. Or doing my tax on time, or something else good for me. I just haven’t done it.

And in fact, I have more a Heart of Disco Ball at the moment. Because it is Summer Loving for me now. And I have had a rather inspiring weekend and feel like life is rather full up and exciting at the moment.

But it is true dinks hot out there in Brisbane.

No one can ever ride their bike in the day now.

That’s it. Day Time Riding is OVER. I practically set on fire walking just then to the book store to buy a Christmas magazine (I bought a goddamn Christmas magazine, I must have heat stroke, so I can make you a crafty bike book mark or some shit, like a t-shirt with an owl motif). It will be February before you see me on a bike again practically. This bodes very very poorly for this blog folks.

I see you are tearing your hair, rending your shirt, and worrying a great deal about what to do now that Day Time Riding is Over.

Do not worry. You will be just fine.

We can still be friends. I will still find things to bore you with on the internet. We have Bikey Face after all.

We will simply Ride At Night.

In fact, on Wednesday night, I would like very much if you would look like Tiffani Amber Thisesen (just keep listening, you’ll get there), and meet me at Flamingo Cafe – lane off Winn St, Valley. Because we are going to the Brizzy Bike Fest, for an 80s themed Night Rider + Poker Cat adventure. At this adventure we will wear 80s clothing and ride our bikes, there will be some loose organisation, there may even be a prize. All of this is largely ancillary to the fact that we will be Riding at Night in Novelty Clothing.

Are you Getting My Drift?

There is other shit going on for the festival, this I know, but this is the first shit that I want you to come to and the first shit I have even vaguely harassed you to get involved in. You do not having to be young, or riding a fixed gear bike, I am officially at Harvest Festival age as of this weekend and would like a bike with gears from strangers or friends and I just really really really need an excuse to ride my bike while wearing gold lurex, okay?

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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