As you sow


shall you reap

so do not be afraid to dig and dig and dig
to tumble stones
uprooting all the old and rotten things
hid in your earth
there, with your nails broken and black
with dirt
you are still growing –
plant wildly
for planned abundance
knowing that
for every flower is an hour
of thankless preparation
plant some for summer
some for winter
do not doubt that
there will come a time
when you are turnip soup
and fallow earth
but that will make the blooming
the days of bee-laden fragrant lovely
all the more beautiful

I will be telling the very best story that I know in Brisbane this weekend, at Jam Jar, the loveliest slam thus far. Just a couple of nice hours in the afternoon. It’s a warm space, filled with light when the light is there to fill it, and although I’m not exactly the loudest crayon in the box, I’m prepared to tell my story without amplification or decoration. Okay, it’s nearly Christmas, I might dress up.

Scott Sneddon/Dark Wing will be there before heading off to Melbourne for a whirlwind tour of the zoo and he is always good to get your soul going.  If you’re still feeling a little uptight after the year that was, then Peter Hunt of Kooii will make sure that your one step at a time is heading in the right direction. And if my tale of woah is this not over yet (kindly commissioned by Going Down Swinging) is not enough, there will be live art by Lesley Villani. I like the sound of live art, living as it’s being made and being shared.

I would be very honoured if you came.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.


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