Using the drop down menu above, you can see a selection of key projects and extended works developed by Eleanor.

These include extended suites of work such as co-authored or co-created poetic works of remix, response and collaboration such as Chosen Family, DJ Thought Fox vs MC Lady Lazarus and We Bury Not Burn. For examples of poetry film and music collaborations, please see Side A/Side B and Just Before You Died, which explore ideas of love and death in different, but aligned, ways.

Eleanor is the producer of the Melbourne Poetry Map, Poetry Editor of Peril Magazine, an announcer with 4ZZZ fm’s At the Local, and an active curator, organiser, workshop facilitator and host of poetry and arts related events including the Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival, the Brisbane Fringe Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival.


  1. elanor I saw you and thomas at JW on sunday. oh my sweet lord ! Ithought i had died and gone straight to the seventh heaven. It was the fucking Bomb! I’m telling eveyone I know to get to the shows at turnstyle. To crawl on there bellies over broken glass if need be. Just get there! Take care…on with the revolution!

    1. Thanks for the lovely feedback! And really – we love people coming to see the show (there will be some revisions, gasp!) and if their poor, glass-cut bellies can handle it, then they can fill them up again with SOUP!

  2. Thank-you for your performance yesterday afternoon at the Wickem. You were exceptional. It really touched me.

    1. Thank you, Gemma – these are among my favourite stories to tell. I am so thrilled you liked them….

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