Antigone Revisited – Radiotonic on RN

Second Webber as Antigone, Paris 1903 (Getty Images)

The world moves extremely fast, things happen, things change; you never stand in the same river twice.

Last year, however, I had the pleasure of standing in the river with some of the La Boîte Artists in Residence to revisit and reconsider Sophocles classic work, Antigone. As a part of ABC Radio National’s program, Radiotonic, a series of short radio plays, including one by you know who, Agent Ion, was featured in November 2014.

Because of the beauty of the internet, you can listen to the whole program at ABC Radiotonic, which shares helpful background on the original play (for those like me who had a rubbish education), as well as thoughtful insights from then-Artistic Director, Chris Kohn, and each of the other residents Sandra Carluccio, Dan Evans and Future Destin Fidel.

As always, I would value your thoughts and feedback. As Australia considers, ever more potently, its place in the response to global terrorism, I am deeply conscious of the laws we seek to obey, the laws of man, the laws of the heart, the fearfulness within our cultures and within ourselves.

I thank all who were involved in this project for their generous support and labour:

Producer – Regina Botros
Director – Glyn Roberts
Actor – Sophia Emberson-Bain
Sound Engineer – Andrei Shabunov / Steve Fieldhouse
Supervising Producer – Julie Shapiro

And don’t worry folks, I won’t be taking up acting any time soon, even as I had a good time with the fancy headphones on at the ABC.


By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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