she drove it like she stole it

Remember when we used to go dancing?

If you have forgotten, then I’d like to invite you to take a trip down memory lane, as Betsy Turcot and I have two lovely opportunities this weekend to share words from She Stole My Every Rock and Roll. Given the terrible controversy vis a vis “gay” marriage this election, it’s extra fitting that we’ve got two performances (one short, one the full monty) of She Stole My coming up this weekend.

Come celebrate Pride on Friday night at the New Farm library, then come to the State Library of Queensland on Saturday (both or either or just tell a friend). Links below to farcebook and details for those who hate clicking! Working with Betsy has been one of the loveliest collaborative processes for me personally, and we’re proud to share a story of two women in out sort of love not love not hate sort of love it’s love right. For some it will have been a while between bedtime stories, maybe we can share one with you.

As you have a busy life, we appreciate that, and you may have generously come and see the show before, please know that we would be grateful if you shared the events.

Often members of the LGBTI community can wonder where they are featured in the contemporary story places, maybe this would be one sort of story that we could share. It doesn’t speak for a universal experience of being queer, but it does hope to share one element, one story, which might give you a sliver of yourself as a part of it. Both events are free, we would welcome your support and shared experience of the work again, or anew, if you’re available.


5.30pm  Friday 6 September, Pride Week Queer Literary Evening

Come and join some of Brisbane’s loveliest bent writers, musicians and performers as they show their support for the 2013 Brisbane Pride Festival, Friday 6 September, from 5.30pm at New Farm Library for some LGBTIQ literary goodness. Bookings are essential – please phone (07) 3403 8888 to reserve your place!

With feature writer sets from Tamara Pearce, David Hardy and James Bryant and music from Pascalle Burton/The Stress of Leisure and Nigel Kimber it’s a perfect Pride Festival “pre-dinner think”.

Hosted by the New Farm Library, the evening will be MC’d by The Belles of Hell, Betsy Turcot and Eleanor Jackson – all are welcome and the event is FREE.

12-1pm Saturday 7 September, Brisbane Writers Festival

Appearing as a part of the Brisbane Writers Festival, Betsy Turcot and Eleanor Jackson are honoured to share their poetry play, She Stole My Every Rock and Roll, with you.

For those who missed it, or for the hopeless romantics still left in the room, please come along to this free event. All are welcome, no tickets required.

About the show:

She Stole My Every Rock and Roll is a forty minute roll the in hey, did you say love? A tough tale of two women in, out and in between love, the show takes poetry like a fine glass of wine and throws down a quick shot of lust, followed by a hangover you won’t want to miss. If you think you don’t like poetry, that’s because you’ve never seen poetry like this.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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