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    There’s a heaps of the poetry on these very beautiful May days, when Brisbane is having its two days of trenchcoat/Manhattan gentleman weather. Betsy Turcot and I would be honoured to have you over for family dinner. You’ll also be spoiled for choice with Scott Sneddon and Angela Willock making a mixtape, Darkwing Dubs cutting it solo and people Mingling about for some spoken word goodness. Do check out the program, because that’s where they keep all the goodness.

  2. don’t be obtuse with me, my lovely, for I am a dirty old man who should be told where to go and when to be there in no uncertain terms.

    On Friday, March 22, 2013, She Stole My Every Rock and Roll wrote: > some lady posted: ” have you got a flutter in your heart? http://www.anywherefest.com Go there.” >

  3. Tickets: $15/$10
    Dates: Thu 16 to Sat 18 May @ 6:30pm & 8:00pm
    Place: Two Trees Espresso, 58 Vulture St, West End, 4101 Google Maps
    Duration: 40 mins
    Transport & Places of Interest: The End, Lock and Load, Archive Beer Boutique, Lychee Lounge, Jam Jar, Mondo

    With thanks to Two Trees Espresso

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