Hello darkness my old friend

20120621-122108.jpgWhen I am a bit depressed,* things that I know would help me feel less depressed (like riding my bike) are a lot harder to do.

I had my new stripey top, but I have to say Brisbane wasn’t exactly turning on the sunshine this morning. Apparently there were “morning fog patches”, or wtf levels of is this foggy or what? This was the view from the Go Between as me and fellow traveller were going between.

Lucky for me and BT, we ran into some rather fine fellows.

20120621-122731.jpgCan I get a hell yeah?

I am fairly certain that these two, let us call them D-1 and D2 (argh, I have gone to Mexico brain and I forgot your names already guys – sorry!) are not riding the city cycles regularly but there they were, checking in most merrily, farewelling a friend with a group river loop on the yellow rattlers. I say, power to them. There is nothing I love more than a man supporting civic cycling, so I am sure that en masse it would have been a sight to see.


A bit like this view of the river, from the exact same spot just two hours later. What a difference a bit of sun makes.

I should ride more, shouldn’t I? We all should.

Last weekend, a friend sent a text message saying “whatever you are doing right now, stop it, and go for a ride”. Indeed.

*or a lot depressed

UPDATE – Dustin (D-1) and Darryl (D-2). Bring it.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.


  1. That would be Dustin (D-1) and Darryl (D-2). Can send you a picture of all of us making those city cycles look awesome if you would like? Like your blog by the way.

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