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Reviewing your own gig is almost certainly the height of narcissism, however, I need to take ten minutes brain break from this report so I thought that I would say a few words about last night’s Page vs Stage gig at the State Library of Queensland.

I also have a poetry hangover, so instead of being ultra-weird to team members, I should just get things off my chest.

Firstly, thanks to all involved, State Library, Australian Poetry, unholy Ghostboy  – Rosanna Licari for being my valiant “opponent” and the people in the cheap seats. Or the hard seats at least. Secondly, thanks to all the secretly involved people, you know who you are – I loved hearing that sound, it was even better than I had imagined/panicked about at home. And thirdly, thanks to everyone who came along and listened, shared, asked a question, made a thoughtful comment at the end or sent a nice email or text afterwards. Especially the listeners, it takes a lot to listen and I am really appreciative that you did.

It’s funny, I have been reading a bit lately about poets and other performers who have wondered about how to be a (financially) sustainable artist, and other organisations questioning what is it that makes art “professional” or “amateur”, particularly in relation to the payment or otherwise of that art. I haven’t phrased that well, but effectively I have been considering lately what it means to be a poet or an artist and how financial/external/professional recognition blends with that state of “being”. It’s not my only question at the moment, but it is a question that I have.

Equally, I am remembering why I don’t like introducing my poems, like all of this rambling crap is better saved for in person and probably a bit too much. It’s just, behind my teeth is a statement about something that we are working against and for – poetry sits in the secular places in my heart where prayers once went, or at least where I tried to put them once upon a time. Thanks for sharing communion with me.

Hmm. Maxine Beneba Clarke posted this recently… how’s about it.

Helpful Tips for Slam Poets

make the audience your world
& one day
the world will be
your audience

slam poetry
will not make you money
but money is a thing
good poetry should slam

judge your work
not by the ranking of the judge
but by the taste of the judge
who does the ranking

the difference between you
and a ‘page poet’
is that the poetry gods
thought your words so good
they also gave you the skills
to stand and say them

never slam words
you won’t be able to stand by
or soon you will find
nobody stands by
to hear you slam them

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By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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