If a poetry show falls in a festival and no one sees it, or no one hears it, did it even rhyme?

Thankfully, we don’t know the answer to that question.

Because you – lovely, amazing souls, have come and made our Anywhere Theatre Festival experience a total delight. We have had great crowds, well, great for a teeny tiny space anyway, with warm comments and beautiful feedback over several sold out nights! We have been honoured by people’s thoughtful responses and delighted by your energy and appreciation! Thank you so much for coming.

There’s often a lot of contemporary debate about whether or not poetry still “matters”, as the decline in poetry publication makes people question its ongoing role in the literary landscape. Betsy and I hope that poetry still matters, and we’re thrilled to be able to be a part of telling stories in this uniquely personal and engaging form.

We even had a nice review from the Anywhere Theatre Festival team, who reassured us that the person I thought was asleep, was in fact

listening with his eyes closed, for the words were so rich and evocative that you didn’t want to miss a thing.

Thank god for that.

The effervescent Bri Lee, probably shocked the pants of her mother when she blogged,

I have to mention too, that it’s a love story (but so much more than that) between two women, and I’m not gay, but I was totally engrossed. I’m going to be honest and embarrass myself here and say that prior to last night I didn’t give a lot of thought to queer film because I presumed I wouldn’t be totally engaged. And so now I realise what a STUPID FUCK I was to think that and I feel like my universe of potential interests just exploded. I mean the sexy parts were SO SEXY. I feel like anyone who saw She Stole My Every Rock and Roll who was actually interested in women must have just creamed.

Now that’s a commendation.

I think.

Our thank yous also extend beyond our audiences – without whom it would be so unnerving to do the show.

Jet Black Cat Music gave us space to sit amongst the vinyl with joy, West End Coffee House gave us the seats to put the bums on, while Anywhere Theatre Festival made it all come together like a charm… Beth from JBCM was absolutely the hostess with the mostess and Emma and Leanne took devotion to a whole new level and hauled seating, took tickets and gave feedback like it was going out of fashion.

No one gets there alone, in love or in life. So come and celebrate tonight for our last night! We’ll be taking a break from this work for a while, though we may have a zine or two for sale at JBCM in the near future if you missed out!

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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