helmets are the new hair

So says Katherine Howell, crime sister.

I am hoping that this phrase will catch on. I hope and I hope and I hope. Such is the life of a helmet blogger.

Last Friday/Sunday, in an effort to be BYO Vulva, I sped down to the ABC studios in Southbank to chat with Phil Smith and Andrew Demack of the Sunday Spin. Talking all things ladies cross cycling cross mountain bike cross poetry cross cross.

Joining me, Phil and the D-ster, was also Kate Lansell, urban planner, dirty deeder, cyclocrosser, radio crosser and generally amazing woman, and Rowan Lamont from MTB Skills.

If you wanted to listen in for yourself, please click ye olde link here. It will make you realise that it is a great thing that no one played my bike poem; that Rowan is beautifully softly spoken; that Kate is a thoughtful and considered soull and that the D-ster spent too much on his mountain bike.

What it made me realise, however, is that I have been rather slack about putting my time where my mind is (hence under-loved blog) – it’s just called work, but sometimes, not investing time in the issues that I care about makes it quickly untenable to invest in even the basics of other things. I quickly fall to pieces.

So what this means in terms of this blog – is that stuck in the pipes is a sweet Q&A from the Claire In There, a bit of food for thought from Z to the V, and some painting the town red, blue and gold from the original Ideas Curator, Talia. I’ll commit to sending these pieces of goodness your way sometime in the coming week, which is a helluva commitment since this is the week of She Stole My Every Rock and Roll. Don’t forget that if you ride your bike to the show, or if you bring your very own first date – there’s a free zine in it for ya. This is for you, Brisbane Reader. I would like to meet you in person.

Oooh. I should mention, I rode my bike to and fro from Murrarrurrarrrarrie this week, which was truly heart warming. I’d almost forgotten how much I love riding. Hear that, I had almost forgotten, but then I had also remembered, if I don’t ride, then I can’t write. So let’s do a little more of both.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.


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