listen up, sweetpea

The world is bright and light (forced face of smiling happy). Listen to this song if you’re faking it to making it like me.

Or watch this video if you feel like a bit of sweetpea inspiration via Briz Treadley.

Or maybe think about the fact that coming out was not as hard as I ever thought it would be. In fact, more than a few nice ones of you got in touch to say you was a feminist cyclist thingy whatsit too. Thanks heaps folks. I’m glad you want more women to ride more too.

I’ve always been interested in the various theories around the gender gap in cycling. Is it safety, is it convenience, is it the inequality of time and resources? I’m curious about whether or not women really are the indicator species of cycling.

I’m not pretending to want to answer these questions definitively here, but I would like to talk to a few more of you about it. In no particular order and with no particular speed, over the next little while I’m going to be asking a few women of cycling type persuasion to come on board as guest bloggers.

I’ll also be featuring a few little posts on some of the women on wheels that inspire me, perhaps a bit of a pay it forward for the lovely Barb of Bike Style Spokane who always so generously tweets my posts.

If you are lady cyclist and you think you might have something to say about that situation, and you would like to be a guest blogger, maybe get in touch. Roadie, commuter, athlete, mother, to the shops and backer, I don’t much mind. I’m keen to know more about your experiences as a cyclist, what you see from the road. Swearing is allowed, but try to keep it reasonable…. other ground rules are just basically courtesy, but we can talk about them offline, eh?

Get in touch via helmetsarehot at gmail dot com.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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