Run rabbit run

According to my training plan*, I was due for a ride this morning.

According to Tweepland @ademack @gregvann @janvann @nicodonnell were all out at you know what o’clock while I was lying in bed.

According to the weather lady, Queensland just ended its wettest January in ages and so I felt less lazy and more justified that I have three bikes and hardly ever ride.**

So this morning I did something I hardly ever do.

I rode the Commuter Cup.


I’ve complained about this before because it is basically really unhelpful to pedestrians to hurtle up and down the Bicentennial Bikeway. Yet some mornings you get up too late for a proper ride and basically it’s super flat and going against the city flow it’s quite peaceful and really if on your way back you get over taken by some spiffy lady on a Salsa going about your pace but a bit faster – is it really that bad to hook on and just see where the ride takes you?

Effectively, it takes you past your work so you have to loop back later. But turns out Sonia has a newly built road/commuter bike with a rather fetching brooks saddle/tape combo.

I always take note if a woman has a nice saddle on her bike. Because usually – although not always – that’s a pretty safe sign that you’re doing more than the shops and back so it was nice to have a short competitive burst together with Sonia.

In the end, I apologise for sucking her back wheel because I wasn’t going to be able to reciprocate. I’m not sure why I did that but perhaps it was chagrin at having been such a commuter hoon. Either that or I wish that fellow riders would do likewise as they finished being dragged to work on someone else’s pedal storm. I’m not sure I really mean that but it will do for this morning.

Was I totally wrong?
Do you ever find yourself racing the rabbit to work?

*did I just say “training plan”?
** still pretty much ashamed

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.


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