Do you remember

This is my bike.

Only it’s not with me. It’s with a work friend, in a part piss-take part chicken dare to lend him my bike this weekend while I am away.

As I well know, from the outside, The Perfumed Steamroller can make me look like a total poser. And I’m not (totally). So when I offer/bully work colleague the bike, he seemed dubious.

Work colleague, who we shall think of as Eddie for the purposes of this dalliance with bloglebrity only, was somewhat concerned that the whole experience was going to be a total crock. Mainly due to my poser action. And hey, how different can riding a bike be? He has a bike, it works fine.

Consider him pleasantly convinced otherwise.

Small things obviously make my day, and this series of text messages totally made mine – remember how amazing it was that first time?

You started off small.

Then you built in confidence.

And you kind of thought to yourself, I could get used to this. You finish that little ride that you thought would be “enough” to see if your friend’s bike was any different, and you keep riding. It doesn’t get worse, it just gets better.

And by the end, you were totally hooked.




By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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