it doesn’t take a very big person

To hold a grudge.

Okay, so a few days ago I was being a bit of an Oscar The. Maybe I had gotten out of the wrong side. Or maybe people were being a bit goddamn commuter cup in Brisbane. It could have been the full moon. 111111 anyone?

But I know that you should always forgive your enemies. It pisses them the hell off.

And Brisbane, we are not enemies. We are not even frenemies. You are total sweetness some days.

Like today. Which has had a gooddamn good lot to enjoy.

Like Emma.

Enjoying the sunshine at the Powerhouse Markets, with a sublime city cycle – convenient, matching and low maintenance, she chooses a city ride to get about from there to here and anywhere. No storage issues at her place, no need to worry about forgetting her lock and now that there are helmets attached to (some – but not all, I believe) bikes, super convenient. What a nice place is this Brisbane.

Equally nice was my pelting fast ride to New Farm in way too much of a hurry (all street signs observed I promise!) to talk with Papergirl BNE who are calling out for art all art any art it’s all art and all you have to do is get yourselves organised.

Then, when you are organised they will be delivering your art to the peeps on a bike. See that, best idea you’ve had in a long while isn’t it? I’m going to send along a small book and maybe some Project Look Ups. Why not, I’ve an awful lot of pictures of the skies my friends.

Hopefully, Papergirl BNE might be able to hook up with the Brizzy Bike Fest. Have you printed your little program? I think you should print your program. Then you can organise yourself to come to this with me and my fredlies (friends on treadlies?). Gap Creek, Saturday night, outdoor mountain bike cinema. Could you connect any better words* with cinema?

*except perhaps codependent lesbian space alien seeks same


By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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