Just keep writing til it all makes sense


I am currently in what is referred to at work as “an implementation dip”. That means I have to work after hours and sometimes on the weekend, because things that should be easy are hard and things that should be hard are like wading through knee deep mud. This happens sometimes, and if I am to be “strengths-based” about it, I would say that this can also sometimes be the times when I feel like a new idea is forming.

Something good has to be coming around the corner, and I just have to be all MTB about it, and start looking through the corner, rather than focusing on the tiny hurdles directly in front of me.

Or something like that.

After the intense lead up, and then heady execution of the Mills & Boon Swoon shows for the Brisbane and Melbourne poetry festivals, things have felt strangely flat. It’s time to start the build again.

I’m just not quite sure what I’m building up to yet. There’s some hints in the pipes of what’s to come, but nothing figured certain or clear.

In the past, when friends have felt similarly lost, anchorless in the face of many choices, I have recommended that they just do what they love and eventually you will see a pattern emerging. At this stage, I have to say, I’m doing but I’m not sure yet where the pattern leads. I guess it’s just keep writing until it all makes sense.

When watching the news sometimes, I’m struck by the profound stupidity of my petty worries, yet conflicted by my inability to abandon them right now in favour of contributing more positively to something greater.

because I missed you
I stripped my poem down to the bone
then sucked the marrow

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By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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