Worth mentioning, or maybe not worth mentioning, but I first heard about Anna Meares through Andy White. Because before I got into cycling, all I knew about cycling I knew from reading over Aron’s shoulder. I can’t say it was the worst way to get introduced to a sport, because – after all – who wants to be introduced by wikipedia alone?

And so – although it seemed a bit silly, I couldn’t resist asking Anna the more lighthearted questions you posed… After all, I’m actually concerned about lucky charms. I have a lucky charm. It would just be way awkward if anyone ever knew what it was.

So, just in case you were wondering what Anna Meares does when she is not kicking your ass, well, this is what she is doing…

I know we are all trying to identify, but I tell you want, even on her rest days, Anna is serious about sport.


Everyone acknowledged that competing as you do at an elite level has to come with inevitable sacrifice and commitment; what do you do to relax? Do you have a favourite post ride snack? Do have a lucky charm or a lucky pair of bibs? We heard on Fyxomatosis that your first bike had spokey dokeys, did you have a pink stack-hat as well?

To relax I garden, walk my dog, paint/draw, housework to music I like to do also. Watching tv or going to the movies or hanging out with mates.

Favourite post ride snack…… on a hot day a nice cold can of soft drink. Am a sucker for lamingtons or mint biscuits too :)

(HRH: Mushashi make lamingtons? Righteous.)

Lucky charms….. I have my tiger blanket which I made when I was 18 and first year senior. It has been to every race and every comp I have. It is geting old now though and struggling with the demand so I sent it home to mum to be reinforced and fixed as it was starting to tear sadly.

(HRH: Cutie alert. My mum used to staple together my costumes for dress up days, so I hope your mum is better at that sort of thing than mine.)

Don’t have a favourite pair of bibs but once I win in a pair it gets retired for eventual framing when I retire with all the others.

(HRH: I just wash mine, but sure.)

I have a lucky pair of gloves and booties saved for big races only.

(HRH: I have  a pair of gloves I like to pick up in. Does that count?)

My first bike did have spokey dokes, a orange flag out the back and a white basket with pink flowers on the front of the bars. My helmet though was a massive white thing…..not so cool

(HRH: I can tell you right now, Anna, this is way cool. My first bike had a flag and the fact that you had one too, gives me hope.)

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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