day two – keep it light and think nice thoughts

Today I feel most calm and relaxed. I think it has something to do with the ten hours of sleep I had last night. And presumably the hours of napping in the day time before that that I managed to squeeze into my busy schedule of being sick.

So I missed the Team Time Trial. But that’s okay, because a time trial stage can be pretty boring for the weak at heart (read: me), so it is much more exciting to get up in the morning to just watch “your” teams, coming in one – FTW! (oh, and also for the second).

So this is all the Tour that I saw of yesterday’s stage: BMC really pushing it; Cadel giving me a little more hope. And Garmin Cervelo bringing it most enjoyably home.

I often like the time trials because you get more to play with in your helmet decoration. But that’s my personal issue, not yours.

Sometimes it is hard to look good in yellow. Trust me, I have very yellow skin and very yellow sunglasses, and it can be quite hard.

Other times it’s easy.

(from here)

Another reason I feel so light and breezy, however, might be all the sweet pics from the Roobaix portraits that appeared on Fxyomatosis this morning.

There were plenty of familiar faces and plenty of ones I hadn’t seen before, but they looked like people I would like because they seemed to be having a good time on a bike ride, and I have a pretty open mind about such people (i.e. bike rider = friend). Peter Bongiorno went along and took them, and I think they look rather nice.

This is Kate – who you might have seen more muddy at a CX skills set on the weekend, and Blakey, who is also a purdy nice dude I have mentioned before. They are pretty aw shucks right now. And after my own heart with the stripes. Oh and the tandem.

Course, sometimes you can’t help good genetics. Oh, and more stripes.

There you go folks; challenge is laid down. Don’t be afraid to look sweet on a bike. You just pop your regular clothes on and go for a ride. I must remember how to do it myself one of these days. I meet someone recently and they said they recognised me, “You wear all that Lycra and have a white bike”. How awkward.

Oh. And PELOTON. Sozza.


By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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