that softened feeling

Not quite sure what it is that I am feeling, but it’s somewhere between good and bad, happy and sad, crazy and mad.

Here’s hoping I get to ride it out. Literally and figuratively. There will, however, be opportunities galore. Like I said, there’s a lot happening.

Tomorrow, I’m going to sparrow’s fart it and join other women on a leisurely 25km ride. On the Quest Community Newspapers Women’s Ride from Sandgate to Sandgate. I wish I knew where Sandgate was. I debated the 40km option, which is after all not that long a ride, but figured conservative is always a good place to start. And I still haven’t addressed the chain ring issue. It’s Queensland’s Bike Week (Where everyone can ride! Yeah! Got it! Excellent!). I tells ya what, I was not much of a joiner in Melbourne but here I am joining left right and centre.

I am officially a volunteer of the Bicycle Queensland people. Now that I powerwalk to work each day wearing mum lycra, I am really hoping to expand my options in terms of free event t-shirts.

Later in the week, I’ll be volunteering at the Scody Ride2WorkDay. There’s something foul about the CamelCaps-esque naming of this particular event, but I seem to have accidentally checked a button somewhere along the line and volunteered for it. So – see you at King George Square next Wednesday. For my early morning perky. I hope to hand you a morning muffin and snap your photo of you with your lid.

And then even later in the week I am watching a movie, and helping again as other people ride through a long tunnel which is apparently not very good value for money.  Again, I have questions on the idea of having a “Taste of the Tunnel” event which either sounds really unpalatable (like, what does bitumen actually taste like?) or really sleazy (like, dude, did you want a…).

Here is a picture of Natalie Portman riding a bike.

She is not wearing a helmet, but I don’t care because it is Natalie Portman and because of her I am totally having a baby out of wedlock.

This place filling is provided to you by the fact that I have not had my camera on me of late. Serious, I have gotten so lazy, it’s embarrament. Embarra – ment.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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