sweet danishes

I met these two lovely ladies last week.

Let us say, for a moment, that they are Danish. I believe that they were in fact Danish because I remember wondering if I should tell them that I recently saw Ms Susan Shine*, the Danish Ambassador, ironically at a torch lighting ceremony. I can’t think I would have thought to tell them this fact if they were Dutch or even Deutsch, so I can only conclude that my memory serves me correctly and that these ladies are Danishes. It’s been a while between posts, folks, but I believe I have all my marbles.

And I say that they are sweet because, after a few minutes of awkward conversation** they agreed to model in their borrowed helmets and even offered some gems of advice like, “these helmets are far too big, make sure your helmets fit” (imagine your own cute accent). Because these are not in fact the helmets that belong to these ladies. These ladies are far too friendly and northern-euro-summer-travel-relaxo-hot to be wearing these totally out of the box helmets. And the fine lady in the blue even acknowledged that the old, sans-cover eski lid is a fashion faux pas.

So, if I were the helmet fairy (and perhaps I am… perhaps I am), I would bestow upon the kind lady to the left, a Giro Prolight, which would hardly feel like anything on her cute as a button head. She would feel sports-tactular. Perhaps I would stay with the somewhat clinical white and silver. But, what can I say, I’m a classic kind of girl. And I would feel warm and fuzzy. And she would feel almost nothing at all, just the wind in her hair.
And for her friend, a Nutcase Multi-Sport Spot Special. Because sometimes it’s good to remember bright colours. To think of Hungry Hungry Hippos and to know that that was a game that required no skill, just hunger. And that smarties are good fun. And that Connect Four rocks out and that Twister is for tuffsters. And that no one messes with polkadots.

*As a random aside, Ms Shine was attending the Asia Pacific Breakthrough Summit, a rather amazing gathering of people from the other half of my life. I so rarely ask this half to collide with helmet lady, so I make note of it for accuracy’s sake only and provide the link for the curious at heart.)

** Believe me, it’s totally awkward when I say, “sorry, could I take a photo of you in your helmet?”
I can’t believe I’ve started this insane endeavour where I have to talk to strangers. I hate talking to strangers.

By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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