a climate for change…

One fine Saturday, not so very long ago, a good couple hundred happy pushies got themselves a bit of traffic messy in order to gather together and form a human 350 to call on the Australian Government and politicians from other nation states for substantial CO2 emission reduction targets. Some of ’em were quite cute too. I pop these folks in my ethical spunks folder. Enjoy.

So what have we got here?
  • Under that fine four leaf clover, is a little detail at the back that says, “I love my brain”. And your brain loves you too, man…
  • A mini-seventies spectacular. This lady, and I hope she doesn’t mind me saying it, was relatively petite. Like, super short. Like I’m pretty short and even I felt a teeny bit tall next to her. But instead of being all cringey, short-arse about it, she just nabs herself this lovely little step through, teams it with a classic white lid, and proceeds to look like she could have burst from a seventies Big M commercial. Stylish.
  • A sleek saddle club experience. Right now, despite my keen awareness that there is no breathability in helmets like this, I just really love the smoothness, the non-branded simplicity and somehow equestrian elegance of helmets like this. And her little yellow bike brooch.
  • Powerful matching. That little bike on her jean shorts is hand-embroidered. That’s how far people are willing to go for a sustainable environment.
  • Some sunshine smiling. God damn the ride was slow, but you could always meet a few nice people on your way.

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By Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson is a Filipino Australian poet, performer, arts producer, cyclist, writer, gal about town, feminist, freewheeler, and friend.

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