Side A/Side B

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Side A/Side B is a ten-minute tandem poetry meditation created by Eleanor Jackson with composer Tom Hogan, which premiered in 2013 at the Queensland Poetry Festival.
20130918-215529.jpgDesigned to be experienced by two people at the same time, Side A/Side B asks only that you take a seat, choose a side and conjure up the face of the one you love. The installation seats two participants opposite each other, with “degradable sound” (tape or vinyl) on headphones. The two meditations are structured to move listeners through three distinct movements, using language and sound to create a hypnotic, contemplative place of love and loss.

Side A was also featured live alongside Brisbane jazz trio, Feet Teeth, and electronic composer, Lawrence English as a part of The Star Folder, the 2013 Queensland Poetry Festival’s showcase event connecting musicians and poets to “unlock the sound spaces and sonic tones swirling inside their poems”.

The installation has featured at festivals, art spaces and as a radio feature.

Title: Side A/Side B
Poetry: Eleanor Jackson
Music: Tom Hogan
Duration: 20 mins
Details: Tandem poetry meditation on tape or vinyl, installation, recording or live performance
Premiered: Queensland Poetry Festival 2013
Feature: Brisbane Fringe Festival 2013,  – FBi Radio’s All The Best: XOXO and Old And New, Dickson St Space, Newtown, 2014, Crack Theatre Festival 2014

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