Now You See Me

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The interactive work, Now You See Me, is a critical look at the rhetoric of acceptance and media-friendly nature of the contemporary LGBTIA Pride movement, and an insight into the tenderness of strange-ness and contempt for familiarity.

Taking a titular cue from Karolina Bregula’s project Let Them See Us, which is emblematic of ongoing themes of representation and visibility in contemporary queer visual art, the piece takes a deliberate step towards “unseeing”, the obscured or misinterpreted view.

In doing so, it asks – with sorrow rather than judgement – if the rainbow visibility of Pride movements and temporary media luminosity have contributed as much to creating a society of acceptance as we may like to imagine.

Title: Now You See Me
Author: Eleanor Jackson
Duration: 2 hours
Details: 6 poem suite, individual performances
Premiered: Exist ARI with Metro Arts: Friday Nights, 2014

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