A timely act of intimacy


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Eleanor Jackson with EXIST ARI have created a suite of 20 poems for Metro Arts: A Timely Act of Intimacy, a series of poetry based, proximity focused one-on-one performances that look at issues of secrecy, disclosure, the privacy of the home, the unspoken ugliness of those we know closely, as well as the kind of cinematic beauty that comes from ungarnished view of those we love.

The works take as their departure point the idea that intimacy is somehow started by a contribution, a self-disclosure, a moment or more of propinquity (physical closeness) and the intent to somehow connect.

Our society is fascinated with intimacy. We often assume that intimacy is the goal and the purpose of romantic love, it is the subject of endless self-help books, and while understood in very poorly defined terms, we are nevertheless encouraged to see it as something that develops over time, between individuals who know each other, contributing equally, and that it is something which will be liberating, the answer to dissatisfaction.  Intimacy is a course to happiness.

But what if you don’t always experience it that way? What if we find salient flickers of closeness, dense experiences of knowingness, contours of mutuality in a one-way disclosure? What if knowing, and being known, are challenging, painful, mutable experiences.

Title: A timely act of intimacy
Author: Eleanor Jackson
Duration: 2 hours
Details: 20 poem suite, individual performances
Premiered: Exist ARI with Metro Arts: Friday Nights

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