Shave and a Haircut

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For Shave and a Haircut, the Belles of Hell returned to the Anywhere Theatre Festival to ask the hard questions about life, love, identity, sexuality and how to get the proverbial two bits. This time around, these denizens of the dictionary asked just what it takes to be “the man”. Playful and irreverent with a slice of cutthroat razor serious.

As Cassanda Payca, Anywhere Theatre Reviewer said:

I found the Belles fascinating. Their style of spoken word is so lush, and their use of the space and music makes it quite a different performance to the slam poetry I’ve seen in the past.

I fell in love with the quiet strength of Turcot’s man, and Jackson’s brash but uncertain exuberance.

Title: Shave and a Haircut
Co-authors: Betsy Turcot and Eleanor Jackson
Duration: 45 mins
Details: Two-person poetry dialogue
Premiered: Anywhere Theatre Festival 2013
Composer: Tom Hogan
Poster credit: Sarah Wood

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