Artology Remix

Frankenstein Artology Remix

Guided by Artology and Opera Queensland, Eleanor worked with a team of talented teenagers and professionals to reinvent Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s gothic novel into a daring new stage adventure, combining physical theatre, music, video and other art forms.

It was an extraordinary pleasure to work with these young people, and to see their great energy and drive to reconnect with a classic work, to subvert it to their own ends, and to engage with respect with fellow artists while still retaining the element of full blown adventure and play.

The other genre leaders of the project were also an inspiration to connect with, each bringing a very unique perspective and deliberative process to approaching this text. Thanks to:

Chris Kohn (Development Director)
Lyle Chan (Artistic Director & Music)
Darcy Grant (Physical Theatre and Director)
Freddy Komp (Video)
Rachel Edwards (Production Manager)

Title: Frankenstein Remix
Duration: 40 mins
Details: Ensemble devised remix work
Premiered: Opera Q Studio, October 2014